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"A collision of creative forces that results in a kaleidoscope of musical effects"

Portland's Very Own Band Kalida

Kailda (derived from the Italian word for collision) is a rock band from Portland, Oregon – formed when songwriter Chris Juhlin (via Alaska) decided to engage in some of the more powerful and dynamic aspects of the musical language…aka he formed a band.

The band has lived through a variety of different incarnations, moving from the haunting backing vocals and slide guitar work of David Paulick to the grass-surf-rock lead guitar work of Sam Cauthorn. All in all though, the band has always been rooted in the folkish lyrical imagery and dynamic, yet understated, style of Chris’ singing. The band’s jazz-infused funk and rock inclinations bring and entirely groovy and head-bopping vibe to that earnest songwriting.


Steve Lauer - Drums and Percussion.

 Steve, originally form Indiana, has been playing drums since he was 13. He was first inspired by big progressive rock bands such as Rush, Yes, Styx, and Kansas. While studying graphic design at Purdue University he got more into the jazz/fusion side of things and was inspired by the likes of Dave Weckl, Bill Bufordand Steve Smith. He moved to the Northwest in 2004 and has been a part of blues, heavy rock, and progressive instrumental rock bands, each helping to develop his dynamic, melodic and yet solid approach to drumming. Steve's drumming philosophy is that the drums should keep the beat for the band, but should remain an interesting and entertaining instrument on their own as well.

Samual Cauthorn - Lead guitar and vocals.

Mr. Samuel C. Cauthorn knew he wanted to play music when he saw Carlos Santana playing live at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in 1993.  A Full Blown was just a matter of  finding whoever, to play whatever, whenever he could.  His first band, Evil Petting Zoo, was formed in the 7th grade with his best friend Tim.  They made Twality Middle School history when a faculty member was nearly knocked unconscious by an airborne drum stick that had been thrown from the drummers’ hands, as a finale to the final crescendo of the legendary performance.  As well as being guitar solo connoiseur, Sam(my) is also an avid revivalist and supporter of instrumental surf music and single-fin noseriders.  






After the solo success (over 1000 albums sold independently) of singer-songwriter Chris Juhlin's debut 

album, Last Train to Joy (2009), he immediately began crafting new material with the help of some of 

Alaska's best musical talent and began touring Alaska's scattered venues.

During the winter of 2010, Chris Juhlin and The Collective completed Acoustic Sun, now available on 

iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.



Kalida may be available to play at your event, bar, club or festival. Contact us via our contact page for more information